The basic unit of organization in the IEA HIA is the Task/Annex, a research project that focus on a particular facet of hydrogen. Several contracting parties/sponsor members collaborate on each task by directly funding their expert researchers according to the level of person hours agreed upon in each task. Any of the contracting parties/ sponsor members can propose a topic for a task and submit for the final approval of the Executive Committee of the IEA HIA. Typically tasks/annexes are allotted three years to be completed, and the task meeting takes place twice a year. Operating Agent is the person who manages the Tasks and coordinates the experts from contracting parties/ sponsor members to complete the work.

As of the third quarter of 2015, there were 30 completed tasks, 7 current tasks and 2 tasks in definition.


Task 1 Thermochemical Production 1977-1988
Task 2 High Temperature Reactors 1977-1979
Task 3 Assessment of Potential Future Markets 1977-1980
Task 4 Electrolytic Production 1979-1988
Task 5 Solid Oxide Water Electrolysis 1979-1983
Task 6 Photocatalytic Water Electrolysis 1979-1988
Task 7 Storage, Conversion, and Safety 1983-1992
Task 8 Technical and Economic Assessment of Hydrogen 1986-1990
Task 9 Hydrogen Production 1988-1993
Task 10 Photoproduction of Hydrogen 1995-1998
Task 11 Integrated Systems 1995-1998
Task 12 Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage 1995-2000
Task 13 Design and Optimization 1999-2001
Task 14 Photoelectrolytic Production 1999-2004
Task 15 Photobiological Production 1999-2004
Task 16 Hydrogen from Carbon-Containing Materials 2002-2005
Task 17 Solid and Liquid State Storage 2001-2006
Task 18 Integrated Systems Evaluation 2004-2006
Task 19 Hydrogen Safety 2004-2010
Task 20 Hydrogen From Waterphotolysis 2004-2007
Task 21 BioHydrogen 2005-2009
Task 21 BioInspired Hydrogen 2010-2014
Task 22 Fundamental and Applied Hydrogen Storage Materials Development 2006-2012
Task 23 Small Scale Reformers for OnSite Supply of Hydrogen (SSR for Hydrogen) 2006-2011
Task 24 Wind Energy and Hydrogen Integration 2006-2011
Task 25 High Temperature Hydrogen Production Processes 2007-2011
Task 26 WaterPhotolysis 2008-2011
Task 27 Near-Term Market Routes to Hydrogen by Co-Utilization of Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source with Fossil Fuels 2008-2011
Task 31 Hydrogen Safety 2010-2013
Task 28 Large Scale Hydrogen Delivery Infrastructure 2010-2014
Task 29 Distributed and Community Hydrogen 2010-2014
Task 30 Global Hydrogen Systems Analysis 2010-2014
Task 32 H2 Based Energy Storage 2013-2016
Task 33 Local H2 Supply for Energy Applications 2013-2016
Task 34 Biological Hydrogen for Energy and Environment 2014-2017
Task 35 Renewable Hydrogen Production 2014-2017
Task 36 Life Cyle Sustainability Assessment 2014-2017
Task 37 Hydrogen Safety 2015-2018
Task 38 Power to Hydrogen  
Task NN Marine Task  

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